On-Camera Acting


Class participants will be coached and learn what casting directors and filmmakers are looking for when auditioning talent for on-camera projects, by performing scenes on camera from films, television shows/series, and mock commercials, and having their work critiqued on video playback during each class session. Participants will occasionally be paired up with another assigned actor from the class for these scenes who will serve as an off-camera reader for each on-camera actor. This performance-oriented class is intended for adults of all ages as well as teens who are age 14+ and are enrolled in high school (whether home-schooled, public, private, or charter high school). 

Meet The Teacher

After starting a career as an actor in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1990s, Bradley Hawkins and his family moved to Lancaster, PA in 1997 where he taught film studies, acting, and humanities courses at Lebanon High School and directed several of their stage productions through 2012. Since retiring from teaching in 2013, Hawkins returned to on-camera acting and coaching actors of all ages on the techniques needed when acting for the camera, then two years later made his directorial debut on the big screen with his award-winning comedy short film, Roller Coaster.

Hawkins is now living his dream as a film director, screenwriter, and on-camera acting coach and is also the co-founder of Lancaster-based film production company, Dadley Productions. The boutique film production company now has four multi-award-winning short films that have cumulatively won over 250 awards, with several of those accolades being earned for Hawkins’ direction, screenwriting, and production. Hawkins is best known for his coming-of-age family drama, Calf Rope now streaming on PureFlix, which secured his notoriety as a successful filmmaker of family-friendly content. However, Hawkins’ latest work, Night Voices, an intense psychological thriller with adult themes (such as aging, grief, isolation, and spirituality), stretches his previously self-imposed boundaries as a maker of family-friendly fare with his darkest and yet most redemptive film of his career. Night Voices has currently won over 70 awards from both secular and faith-based film festivals around the world and will continue its journey on a global film festival circuit through 2024.

As a result of being an award-winning film director, and his decades of experience as a stage and on-camera actor, Hawkins has a history of drawing powerful performances out of the actors in his films who have accumulatively won over 50 awards for their work in both lead and supporting roles in each of the projects that he has directed. Over the past 30 years, Hawkins has studied with some of the best-known acting coaches in the country and developed his own unique coaching style primarily for on-camera actors that he continues to enjoy working with between film projects.