Stage Combat Boot Camp

9-11AM Mon-Fri at Premiere Danse Academy

Join Alyssa for this fun and action packed introduction to stage combat!

Over the course of one week, students will learn multiple stage combat skills and disciplines — punches, kicks, falls, chokes, swordplay, and most importantly: SAFETY. On top of the practical skills and techniques, students will also learn about the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) and the stage combat industry! The week will culminate in a showcase of learned fight scenes!

Meet The Teacher

Alyssa Crook is a  local performer and long-time theatre educator. You may recognize her from her over decade-long time as a Broadway Bound instructor at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre. During her time at Muhlenberg College, Alyssa trained and was certified in several stage combat disciplines under SAFD Fight Master Michael G. Chin. Since graduating, her career has consisted of numerous stunt shows and productions that involve fight choreography, and she has fight captained several productions professionally. The past two and a half years she spent as a stunt performer and resident fight captain at the Strasburg Railroad. She has worked with Fight Directors such as Fight Master Michael G. Chin, Claire Warden (Director of Advanced Training at IDC), Rob Aronowitz of Neutral Chaos, Jacqueline Holloway of Arte Violenta and Gabriel Rosario of AMDA.