Rhythm, Blues & Hues

In this class each student will learn rhythm, timing and full body singing. You will learn clapping on 2s & 4s and singing  with movement. You will also learn how to identify the color of the music and connect deeply with the songs you are singing. This class is essential for any performer looking to expand their style and learn to sing with abandon.  

What to bring: Please come prepared with a background track & sheet music/lyrics to one of your favorite songs that will challenge you to sing freely. 

Meet The Teacher

At 20 years of age, Jeannette Wehye began a musical career traveling the United States and Canada as a soloist and inspirational/Gospel recording artist. She is a versatile performer with a passion for touching lives through song and has recently made her Broadway debut with the New York Contemporary Choir in “Rocktopia on Broadway”. With two decades of experience as a singer, speaker, and youth mentor, Jeannette will help strengthen your vocal, performing, and etiquette skills while building confidence on your musical journey!